From small fishing ports to full service marinas for luxury yachts, we provide cost effective solutions to all your requirements using our own designed, manufactured and installed pontoons. Our marinas can accommodate metered services and utilities, lighting, safety equipment and any other marina accessories that you may require. With the support of our marine civil works team we can provide turnkey marina construction so you need to “Just Add Boats”.
Marinas and Pontoons
We design, manufacture and install raised boardwalks and decks supported on steel piles, using the same durable materials and construction principles as the ones used in our marinas and pontoons.
From quay walls to slipways, we offer you a wide range of civil works.
Marine Civil Works
Floating Barriers and Screens
We design, manufacture and install custom made floating barriers. We also install floating screens (silt screens, safety screens, debris collection screens, etc) as well as Aids to Navigation.
When it comes to special marine projects, we like to be challenged so feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to provide a cost efficient solution to meet your needs!
Special & Fully Customised Projects
Maintenance Services
We are here for all your maintenance needs as well!
We are an authorised dealer in the United Arab Emirates of the well known Candock modular floating dock system and an exclusive distributor in the Middle East of the No Profile Boat Lift system.
Authorised Dealers
P.O. Box 5309, Fujairah, UAE t: +971 9 228 2805, f: +971 9 228 2806 e:
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