Marinas and Pontoons

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Pontoons
We offer two main different pontoon systems, namely the monoblock heavy duty system and the frame and float standard system. Both systems are modular and fully customisable in terms of dimensions, finishes and decking options. All services such as lighting, water, electricity, pump out and fire fighting services are accommodated through utility ducts hidden under the deck.
Click here to download the specifications of Majestic’s FRP Monoblock Heavy Duty Series Pontoons 
Click here to download the specifications of Majestic’s FRP Frame and Float Standard Series Pontoons
We recommend the use of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking given the superior durability, low maintenance requirements and high aesthetic characteristics of the particular type of decking, however the following types of decking can also be installed on our pontoons: concrete, FRP or SS grating, natural wood and our VIP pontoon at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi will even feature a unique anti-slip marble decking.
Anchoring Systems
We use four main anchoring systems, namely; A: piles and pile guides, B: helical anchors (or concrete blocks in case of hard seabed strata) and elastic rodes, C: H-beams and guides, D: push arm.

Systems B and C are the most eco-friendly with minimum footprint and interference to the natural seabed and are thus aligned with our Environmental Corporate Commitments. Depending on the local wave climate, marina and design vessel specifications, we also use combinations, hybrids and variants of the aforementioned anchoring systems.

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