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As part of our continuous Research & Development programme, we undertake on a regular basis several physical stress tests on our products and on the various materials used in their production. These tests are in addition to the formal third party certifications that we furnish our Clients as per the project requirements. An overview of the most interesting tests carried out to date follows below.

Endurance Test 01

A standalone Majestic FRP Monoblock (Heavy Duty Series) pontoon was installed in an area exposed to the severe wave climate of the Indian Ocean. The pontoon withstood the various storm events for about 1.5 years until eventually the piles failed and the pontoon was washed ashore (the piles used for that installation were of quite small diameter). The pontoon was inspected structurally after the failure and was found to be in a good and repairable condition.

Endurance Test 02

A Majestic FRP Frame and Float (Standard Series) pontoon system was installed in an exposed area along the UAE coastline. The system was anchored using our elastic anchoring system.
As can be seen in the photo gallery below, the temporary modular gangway was dislocated from the landing pontoon while the pontoon system was riding the waves. One of the waves actually breaks on the pontoons!
One out of the 6 elastic rodes holding the pontoon system in place finally broke and then the installation was dismantled and placed on shore. The pontoons were inspected and no structural damage was observed. This installation was left to withstand the severe wave climate for 2 consecutive months during the storm season (January and February).

Endurance Test 03

A standalone Majestic FRP Monoblock (Heavy Duty Series) pontoon was installed using our elastic anchoring system in an exposed water area with fetches of the order of 120km. The installation survived the severe wave climate for 3 years. Eventually, the rope (not elastic rode) holding one of the anchoring lines failed.
From a wave assessment Majestic undertook for the particular storm event, it turned out that the significant wave height (Hs) of the incident waves in the vicinity of the installation was of the order of 1.7m (i.e. well above the tranquility requirements for a safe berthing area stipulated in most marina standards). Majestic replaced the broken rope and left the installation in place.

FRP Boardwalk Units Visual Deflection Test

Majestic’s FRP boardwalk units are built with the same durable and non-corrosive materials as Majestic’s pontoons, i.e. a fusion of timber, fiberglass matt and resin.
In order to test visually the deflection properties of the 10m long FRP boardwalk units, Majestic mounted a 1.5T pick-up truck on one unit. No visual deflection was observed, so Majestic mounted a 3T truck on the unit. Still no visual deflection was observed. The requirements of the particular boardwalk units called for a 6 seater golf cart and Majestic’s boardwalk units outperformed these requirements.

D-Fender Impact Response / Visual Deformation Test

In this particular visual deformation test we tested the response of our D-fender system to impact. The fender regained its original form a few minutes after the force was removed.

EVA Fender Compression Fatigue Test

A hydraulic press and a flat steel punch plate were used to test the compression fatigue of the Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) fender used in some of Majestic’s pontoons. The press applied a gradual load of up to 3.5 tons and then the load was released. The process was repeated continuously for one week.
After these tests of compression, the fender had not suffered perennial deformations, there have been no cuts or yielding or tears. The fender after an initial phase of light deformation returns to its initial form. Also the points of fixing have not shown signs of cuts or tears.

EVA Fender Impact Response / Visual Deformation Test

A loaded trailer truck was deployed to compress an EVA fender (used in some of Majestic’s pontoons). The fender regained its original form after the load was removed and no tears or cuts were observed.

Majestic`s FRP Monoblock (Heavy Duty Series) Pontoon Flooding Test

A pontoon from our Monoblock (Heavy Duty) Series as well as 50% of the air tight compartment that these pontoons feature were fully flooded. Under these conditions, the pontoon was observed to have fully positive buoyancy with a freeboard maintained at 20cm.

Majestic 5T Bollard Pull Test

A load cell was used to apply the 5T design force to a bollard installed in one of our projects. The bollard passed the test.
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