Majestic’s Factory and Laboratory

Our production facility is fully equipped and appropriately geared to undertake the design and manufacturing of all our products. Located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, it spans over a 9,000 square metre plot of land.
Our Factory features a fully equipped laboratory whereby materials used in the manufacturing of our products and marine works are tested consistently for quality as part of our Quality Control and Assurance Policy.
The materials that are regularly tested are: decking, wood, resin, fiberglass materials, stainless steel, aluminum, paint applications, ropes, elastic rodes, etc. Our laboratory is also used for our continuous Research & Development and Product Evolution programme that focuses on the properties of materials and their long term behaviour/response in harsh environmental conditions.
P.O. Box 5309, Fujairah, UAE t: +971 9 228 2805, f: +971 9 228 2806 e: info@majestic-marine.com
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